Course Description

Change can happen in an instant. New products, processes and technologies herald new opportunities, but also threaten existing organizations, teams and positions. Success requires the ability to innovate. The choice is yours - disrupt or be disrupted.

Innovate to Elevate is a four-week course that examines how you can leverage the power of innovation to capitalize on opportunities that will add value and resilience to your career and your organization. By examining cutting-edge case studies, building in-demand skills, and learning from world-class faculty, you will leave with an increased understanding of the current technology landscape, tools to succeed in innovation, and strategies for applying innovation competencies to your career.


Course Outline

  • Week 1: Harnessing Key Factors Driving Disruption
  • Week 2: Innovating to Unlock New Possibilities
  • Week 3: Cultivating a Creative Culture
  • Week 4: Activating Creativity to Future-Proof Your Organization and Team


"This course has been an eye-opener for me in terms of learning about what innovation leadership truly is and getting to know some of the tools and concepts which I can apply in my current role."

- Sagar Kapoor, Sr. Principal Customer Success Manager, Salesforce

"I would not only highly recommend the class, but I would say that this curriculum is essential for anyone who wants to know what it takes to stay relevant in the coming years."

- Paul Sullivan, Director, Business Planning and Analysis, Novartis


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Strategies to Future-Proof Yourself and Your Organization
5:00PM to 6:30PM
Sep 13, 2023 to Oct 04, 2023
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Aug 30, 2023
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