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MBCT Individual Mentoring occurs when the trainee has completed the MBCT Foundations and Teacher Advancement Intensive and is qualified to begin delivering the MBCT program. Mentoring is essential at this very early stage of teaching to ensure and foster competence and provide timely supportive and critical feedback. Additional mentoring sessions may be required based on an assessment of the trainee’s confidence and skill development in delivering the MBCT program.


Weekly mentoring sessions are to be scheduled in advance of your MBCT class beginning, and will be during the same week as your MBCT Class. For example. if your MBCT Class is on a Tuesday evening you would arrange with your mentor to meet weekly for one hour later in the week.

It is recommended that you register for MBCT Individual Mentoring early in your MBCT teaching, and can occur with your 1st MBCT class.  MBCT Individual Mentoring must be completed before you teach your 6th MBCT class.


1. Complete the MBCT Teacher Advancement Intensive (TAI)

2. To apply for individual mentoring, the preference is a class size of 10 or more, with a minimum of 8 participants

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