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MBCT Foundations is offered as a 10-week seminar, meeting twice per week. One meeting is participating in an MBCT class. This provides critical first-person learning, reflecting on and exploring one’s own personal encounter with mindfulness meditation practices and cognitive activities, exploration of the intimate relationship and connection between thought patterns, body sensations, impulses to act and mood state such as depression and anxiety, the MBCT curriculum as it unfolds week to week, and class dynamics.


Attendance at the weekly, live online sessions is part of the program, and these sessions will not be recorded.

If you have questions about attendance or know you will need to miss a session, please be in touch with the instructor.


It is required that you have participated in an 8-week MBCT program AND have had prior training or experience in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) before beginning the MBCT teacher training.

You will then take a second 8-week MBCT program as part of the MBCT Foundations course. The second time around, you will be invited to participate fully in the MBCT class, and you will also be invited to observe what is happening in the class. The weekly MBCT class becomes a key part of each Foundations seminar as you have an opportunity to unpack the class with your Foundations cohort and the instructor.


If you have specific questions regarding your eligibility, please schedule an advising session with a Mindfulness faculty member:

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This course meets twice a week: once for the Foundations Session and once for the MBCT Session

With enrollment in this Foundations you will also participate in a paired 8-week MBCT course .

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