Course Description

This workshop is designed to give you confidence and skill in teaching the yoga practice elements of Mindfulness-Based Programs.

This program will be helpful for:

- Mindfulness-Based Programs. teachers without specific training to teach yoga;

- Yoga and Mindfulness-Based Programs. teachers seeking to ensure appropriate delivery of yoga practice during Mindfulness-Based Programs. classes

Course Outline

In the course, you will learn to:

- sequence the Mindfulness-Based Programs yoga postures in ways that most helpfully support your participants

- recognize appropriate adaptations to Mindfulness-Based Programs Yoga and share them skillfully in Mindfulness-Based Programs

- distinguish inappropriate adaptions of Mindfulness-Based Programs Yoga and avoid them

- adapt the Mindfulness-Based Programs yoga postures for a variety of participant needs

- demonstrate helpful chair yoga adaptations of the Mindfulness-Based Programs Yoga poses

- fully integrate the ethos of Mindfulness-Based Programs yoga of awareness into your Mindfulness-Based Programs classes

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