Strategies to future-proof yourself and your organization.



Change can happen in an instant. A new product, platform or technology can and often does have a drastic impact; disrupting jobs, companies and economies across the globe. Micro and macro environmental disruptions can herald new opportunities, but also threaten existing organizations, teams and positions. Success requires the ability to innovate. The choice is yours. Disrupt or be disrupted. 

Innovate to Elevate is a 4-week online course that examines how you can leverage the power of innovation to capitalize on opportunities that will add value and resilience to your career and your organization. 


  • Format: Fully online. Synchronous, live sessions
  • Length: 4-Weeks. Meets once a week for 90-minutes
  • Tuition: $1,950



Through engaging discussions, cutting-edge case studies and peer-to-peer interaction, this program will equip you with:

  • Strategies for taking advantage of the disruptions impacting your industry
  • A knowledge of top trends in the innovation space, including: Industry 4.0 technologies such as AI and machine learning
  • A toolkit of in-demand skills including: Human-centric design, lean methodology, continuous digital transformation and hackathons
  • An understanding of how to cultivate the conditions for creativity and continuous improvement in your team and organization by establishing a culture of experimentation and tolerance for failure, even when geographically dispersed
  • The ability to activate your creative thinking and capabilities to go from 'blank page' to insight


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