The Certificate in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teaching is a journey and an opportunity to learn how to teach MBSR from highly-experienced MBSR instructors and teacher-trainers.

The full training program may be completed over 2+ years (though you are qualified to teach in 1 year) and includes a total of 398 hours of instruction along with additional time devoted to the practice of mindfulness. A total of four silent retreats are required to complete the training, including an MBSR-focused, 7-day retreat, which is an additional 115 hours for students. For detailed information on policies and guidelines, please see our Mindfulness Resources.


Whether beginning the teacher-training pathway in MBSR or looking for specific teaching skills, we have options to support your learning.

Each step of the formal training process engages a trainee in a variety of domains, including:

  • Developing competencies as an MBSR teacher
  • Cultivating skills for either the classroom or private practice
  • Deepening knowledge in the areas of science, ethos, pedagogy, public health
  • Strengthening one’s personal practice through the lens of MBSR

With a commitment to meeting the whole person, our intention is to address individual learning needs and encourage the unique resources and capacities of each person.

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