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Brown’s Digital Health Innovation Certificate Overview


Over six self-paced months, you will learn from top faculty members at Brown University and industry practitioners in engineering, public health, entrepreneurship, and medicine to build a cross-disciplinary approach to digital healthcare innovation. You will build your digital health innovation skills including understanding best practices in the field, understanding the range of existing technology, and building frameworks for analyzing market needs and opportunities. You will develop the ability to evaluate the potential success of digital innovation products, and to decide whether to develop or implement a novel innovation. You will apply your learnings by creating a commercialization plan for a healthcare innovation.


Learning Goals

  • Identify opportunities within the digital health landscape by considering the entire context - the key players, the opportunities to collaborate, and the major challenges.
  • Evaluate digital health innovation opportunities including mobile applications, wearables, digital therapeutics, and advanced clinical predictive analytic systems, along key performance indicators, including business viability, clinical effectiveness, and ethical and regulatory compliance.
  • Develop a commercialization plan for a new or existing innovation to bring to market as an intrapraneur or entrepreneur.
  • Collaborate efficiently with stakeholders within the ecosystem to accelerate and lead innovation.

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